Update: a week or so later. Need to see what is Mastodon doing that eats up disk space and how I can purge that on the regular... I recall setting up cron jobs for purging its media cache, though...

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Strikes, protests and marches planned for the next three days in Iran as part of the there. How privileged, safe, comfortable I have it here while many people wake up in Iran today and think "is today the day I die?" before they head out to demand basic freedoms.

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The Turing Test poisoned the minds of generations of AI enthusiasts, because its criteria is producing text that persuades observers it was written by a human.

The result? Generative AI text products designed to "appear real" rather than produce accurate or ethical outputs.

It *should* be obvious why it's problematic to create a piece of software that excels at persuasion without concern for accuracy, honesty or ethics. But apparently it's not.

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Been coding for ~15 years, here are my top 5 programming tips

-Get a good chair
-Get up and walk more often
-Drink more water
-Don’t sit hunched, raise your monitor/laptop monitor height
-Know when to stop for the day

*your code is gonna be much better

#programming #gamedev

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The Iran regime is using the “abolishment” of morality police as an attempt to quell protests. It’s a token change, and not enough.

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Last night I browsed through all my old Flickr posts. Then it struck me how hard it is to do that on Instagram. There the past vaguely fades away, disappears. There’s no design affordance for retrospection. Insta only cares about right now, and serving enough, “now”, to keep you producing engagement.

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While I may have been affected by the layoffs @Netlify, I still believe in their motto of “Build a better web”. I am currently looking for my next opportunity to do just that! Here’s what I bring to the table 👇
Resume: tinyurl.com/brittneypostma

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So here's the thing. You can only violate people's legal rights and your own word so far before they lawyer up and come after you.

I really do hope Musk changes his mind and does the right thing - the employees deserve that. But it'll be fun as hell if he doesn't.

@neilk I love the "embarrassing jog" hack. Everyone has their own favourite activity, jog or otherwise. Accepting that we are weird meatbags isn't embarrassing, I don't think. Embrace the meatbag hacks! Yoga one of my favs

@reconbot take a look at the type system in GitHub.com/slackapi/deno-slack-sdk, and weep

TypeScript is a cool idea... But in practice building anything more complex than Dog and Animal interfaces, or whatever the toy examples are in the official TS docs, is a nightmare! It's nice when someone else writes the TS and one can just consume the typeahead/etc, but maintaining a library that other devs use to build complex apps, and ensuring all those developer bells and whistles work, is a horrible experience. Do not recommend.

I had a dream last night that Elon Musk fired me 😞

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"Why does this project exist?" should be a mandatory section in every README.

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The best #Linux tip I’ve ever gotten was when someone said that the flags in “tar -xzvf” stand for “xtract ze vucking files” because *to this day* that’s how I remember it.

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I know a good number of Masto admins and moderators follow me here, as we get Fastly’s Fast Forward program up & running (designed to support open source & the good internet), what would you ideally like to see as support for the fediverse from Fastly? CDN services, the edge compute platform, security protection, etc.? fastly.com/fast-forward

@reconbot think @brianleroux may be mulling something in this space over, FYI

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